• Wanted: JCI Belgium Global Goals Committee Members (volunteers)

    Dear friends, At the World Congress 2015 (Kanazawa), JCI representatives from 120 countries signed the Kanazawa declaration and spoke about our organization’s commitment to the implementation and support of the UN SDGs. What we are seeing now is that these Global Goals have penetrated internationally into the DNA of our organization. Because we cannot stay […]

  • 2017: focus on the Global Goals

    Dear friends, This year, I have the honor to endorse the role of SDG ambassador within the Board of JCI Belgium. A sequel to my role as Partnerships Manager last year, but also a new function. Its creation reflects the importance that our organization gives to the SDG’s or Sustainable Development Goals. Anyone who was […]


  • Every year, there is a European Conference, a World Congress, a European Academy and a National Convention of JCI. These are all perfect opportunities to network, to learn or to get inspired by projects that are run in other countries. However, registering for these activities also costs money. Click the button to read all about the grants that JCI Senate Belgium offers this year.More about grants


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