Action plan 2017

Since the presidential election during the General Assembly of JCI Belgium in April 2016, a team has been brought together to actually make the general vision for 2017 more concrete. During the Summer months this great team has worked hard to prepare, discuss and develop this plan of action for 2017.
I would like to thank already all these people who joined me to work together to make JCI Belgium strong again and to bring the ideas of the theme “Transcend, Translate, Transform” to life. I am sure that with this strong team we will be able to set a new stage for JCI in Belgium and beyond and that we will make all our members, Local Organizations in Belgium, and every individual Belgian JCI member proud again!

Transcend, Translate, Transform

Before digging into the details of the Action Plan, I would like to give you a quick overview of the main drivers within the “Transcend, Translate, Transform” theme.


As JCI is an organization whose main purpose is to let young people grow to become the leaders of tomorrow, we need to challenge our young members to be outstanding, to transcend themselves. As JCI Belgium we must focus on literally break the boundaries of people and give them the opportunity to discover other people, other countries, other cultures. We also need to provide them with new insights and thoughts with worldwide trends and visions towards the future. Our JCI link with the United Nations and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is therefore a great asset we should use much more to inspire our future leaders in one of the sectors of society: business, politics, healthcare, education, culture, etc.


As JCI Belgium we are at the perfect intermediate position to translate information between the local level and the transnational level, and this in both directions. JCI Belgium needs to focus on making procedures and paths smooth and easy to bring locally developed projects, ideas and visions to the international scene. Next to that, the international partnerships, contacts and visits must also lead to inspire young members and local organizations to take the lead, step forward and change the local community in a positive way.


In order to be able to let young members transcend themselves better and easier and in order to translate information, experiences and insights bottom-up and top-down, we need to transform our organization at the JCI Belgium level. Some minor and major changes have to be made in the way we work. Some can be done easily, some will take a while to discover the right way or to get all people behind the vision. First of all, we need to be relevant again by our offering as JCI Belgium: what do we do for our local organizations and members? Therefore a clear overview of activities need to be set out. Next to that, we need to be networked: we need partners both content wise – organizations who we share a common vision with – and supportive – organizations who provide us with the necessary means (financial, logistical, administrative, etc.) to better deliver our goals. And finally to be able to organize relevant activities and to establish strong partnerships, we need to be professional. We need to set up a good and stable organization, both within the Board of Directors team and in the JCI Office.

Action Plan

The overall goal of the 2017 Board of Directors of JCI Belgium is to set a new stage towards the future. Of course not everything will be at its maximum already by the end of the year, but at least the new direction has to be clear and our successors must be able to build on our legacy. That is what we aim for.
The team that has been brought together to achieve this challenging goal is composed of both experienced people and some new faces.

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