Belgian Parliament Experience

In November 2017 the second edition of the “Belgian Parliament Experience” will take place.

The “Belgian Parliament Experience” is an initiative by JCI Belgium that fits into the international JCI value “Active Citizenship”.

Every year, fifteen members of JCI Belgium are given the opportunity to discover the inner workings of the Chamber of Representatives. We organise an introductory training day, followed by a  two day presence in parliament during which the participants follow a member of parliament one to one in his or her day to day activities.

JCI Belgium is aiming for a sustainable result with this project, involving policy makers more closely with various Belgian communities and JCI events on the one hand while on the other hand, JCI members gain experience and inspiration that lead to sustainable positive change.

The program

  • 18th of November: Introductory training day
  • 27th of November: Evening welcome dinner
  • 28th – 29th of November: One to one shadowing programme with a member of parliament
  • 30th of November: (optional) plenary session of the General Assembly

The programme is open only to members of JCI Belgium.

We’re fully booked for this year’s Belgian Parliament Experience – A JCI Know-How Transfer Initiative.
We’ll make sure all participants enjoy the programme and get to know the federal members of parliament and their efforts.
Wanted to join but out of luck? Don’t worry, we’ll be back next year, in the second half of November for our 3rd edition. Keep tabs on our facebook page, manage your professional holidays so you can squeeze in the 2 weekdays and register swiftly next year!


With the support of JCI Belgium Foundation

JCI Belgium Foundation



The following MP’s already announced they’ll happily welcome a JCI member in the federal parliament:

Questions may be directed to the organising team, at the facebook page or by sending an email to


The 2017 Team


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