JCI Belgium Foundation

In 1992 JCI Belgium Foundation was founded by 20 members and past presidents from both regions. It’s goal is to develop and financially support JCI Belgium. Since then the interests (based on contributions from members) are transferred every year to JCI Belgium. The bigger the capital becomes, the larger the yearly financial support for JCI Belgium becomes. The JCI Belgium Foundation also contributed to the purchase and renovation of the building where JCI Office is located.

This is still the goal of JCI Belgium Foundation, an the 180 members want to give something back to JCI. So becoming a member of JCI Foundation is an excellent way of saying ‘thank you’ to JCI for everything they gained in terms of personal development or professional opportunities, relationships and other discoveries.

How do you become a member? That’s easy! There are 2 possibilities:


The actual members are members for life of JCI Belgium Foundation. These are individuals that were JCI Belgium members and did a contribution of 400 Euro (or 4 times 100 Euros) as a membership fee. They get voting rights for the duration of their membership.


Sympathizing members are:

either individuals that were JCI Belgium members and paid a membership fee of 150 Euro for a period of 3 years; they have voting rights for the duration of their membership, which lasts 3 years.
or individuals who were never JCI Belgium members. They pay a membership fee of 150 Euro for the duration of 5 years, or 400 Euro for lifelong membership. They don’t have voting rights.

Local chapters can also donate membership of JCI BELGIUM FOUNDATION to their members as a token of appreciation for their accomplishments as JCI members. Local chapters can also become members themselves.

Are you interested to know more about JCI Belgium Foundation? Contact jcibelgiumfoundation@jci.be.

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