« Visibility Challenge » de JCI Belgium 2018

JCI Belgium 2018 « Visibility Challenge »


Giving maximum visibility on social networks to the JCI movement in Belgium by setting up a photo challenge on social networks (Instagram and Facebook)

The theme of the month

December : “End of year festivities”
January: (World Day blue Monday, January 16th): “Dynamism, energy and vitality”
February: “Friendship and Love”
March: (International Day Against Racial Discrimination March 21st): “Diversity”
April: “April’s Fool”
May: (World Labor Day May 1st): “The Jaycees at Work”
June: (World Blood Donor Day, June 14th): “Give your blood”
July: “Jaycees holidays”
August: mini video of you explaining what JCI is (max 1min)
September: Award ceremony at the NC2018

hashtag visibility challenge #connectjcibelgium


1) Download Instagram
2) Only photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag #ConnectJCIBelgium, will be selected to participate in the challenge. You are free to add other hashtags if you wish.
3) It is important to use the option that Instagram offers so that the posted photos are also shared on Facebook and Twitter.
4) The idea is to have your picture taken with MINIMUM 2 people not jaycees and with the logo JCI (On a T-shirt, a flag, ….) while respecting a given theme.
5) We recall that this project aims to give a great visibility to our movement. It is therefore very important to pay attention to content that could harm JCI’s image and reputation!


– different themes will be offered each month
– an award will be given at NCN2018
– a Fees for NCN2018 will be offered during the first 2 GA of the year
– a special gift will be given to the big winner of the challenge

Here is the Hashtag to use






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