2017: focus on the Global Goals

Dear friends,

This year, I have the honor to endorse the role of SDG ambassador within the Board of JCI Belgium. A sequel to my role as Partnerships Manager last year, but also a new function. Its creation reflects the importance that our organization gives to the SDG’s or Sustainable Development Goals.

Anyone who was present at the Active Citizenday has already received a first introduction to the world of the SDG’s. (As a reminder: these goals have been adopted by the United Nations in 2015, after a worldwide survey about the most important needs in the world. JCI also worked on the practical organization of the survey. The objective is to achieve these goals by 2030.)

My role this year at JCI Belgium, which coincides with the role of the member of the United Nations and External Affairs Committee that was awarded to me internationally, is to promote SDGs and ensure our contacts with organizations in Belgium that contribute to the achievement of these objectives.

I will fulfill this role as follows:

  • The sharing of knowledge about SDG’s and cooperation between JCI and the United Nations:
    • By writing a blog on these pages that will deal each time deeper with an aspect of the subject
    • By developing a lecture that local chapters can book to broaden knowledge on the subject with members and supporters
  • Promotion of SDG-related activities:
    • The 2017 JCI Global Partnership Summit: the annual summit between JCI and the United Nations, this year from August 1st to 4th in New York, USA
    • Local chapter and partner organization activities related to SDG’s
  • In addition, we plan to create a team of SDG ambassadors to face greater challenges:
    • Ensure the continuity, through which the team will be able to take the role of ambassador in the years to come, under the wing of the Board of JCI Belgium
    • Reporting and launching of the international campaign “Let’s do it” (on which there will be more information in a future post).

And for those interested in the fulfilling of my role as United Nations and External Affairs Committee member, attention is focused on:

  • Knowledge and promotion of the Global Goals within JCI in Europe
  • Contribute to the content of the Global Partnership Summit and the organization of a European delegation

I wish you all a sustainable 2017!


Valérie de Groote

SDG Ambassador

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