Interregional project – JCI Belgium 2018

“interregional Project” JCI Belgium 2018


  1. This project starts on January 1, 2018 and ends on December 31, 2018. However, this is a competition between groups and the winner will be anounced during the National Convention 2018 in September.
  2. Groups are formed by the Board of Directors of JCI Belgium, taking into account proximity of LOM’s and members, size of LOM’s and perceived degree of activity shown by LOM’s involved. Every group contains LOM’s of both regions (both from JCI Vlaanderen and JCI BWB).
  3. Each LOM in a group is invited to take part in at least 2 activities in 1 of the other LOM’s in the group, with at least 1 activity in the other region.
    Excluded activities:
    ◦ The National Convention
    ◦ Les Assises
    ◦ Vlaams Congres
    ◦ For board members of JCI Belgium, JCI BWB and JCI Vlaanderen: any visit they do in their  capacity of board member of the aforementioned boards.
  4. Each LOM in a group is asked to promote the activities and projects from the other LOM’s in the same group, so that every LOM gets some help from other LOM’s in promoting projects and activities.
  5. Communication between the LOM’s in a group is to be arranged by the LOM’s involved, not by JCI Belgium. This goes for communication tools as well as the actual communication within the group.
  6. Every group needs to send to JCI Belgium some kind of evidence that action is taken on points 3 and 4 mentioned above. Allowed pieces of evidence:
    ◦ pictures
    ◦ videos
    ◦ screenshots or copies of communication that include promotion of activities or projects
    ◦ posts on facebook, twitter or instagram including a picture
    They can send proof tof their actions to by September 10 at the very latest, so that the JCI Belgium board has enough time to evaluate all submissions in time.
  7. The reward for the winner will be a small gift as a sign of appreciation by the JCI Belgium Board, and a certificate that will be handed over during the National Convention 2018 to the presidents of the winning group. On top of that, the LOM’s of the winning group will have earned our eternal gratitude.


The groups

Group 1

Ath pays verts Harelbeke Lier Tongeren Verviers Veurne-Westkust

Group 2

Beringen Brugge Bruxelles Diksmuide Mouscron Ronse

Group 3

Charleroi Eupen Genk Gent-Artevelde Ieper Poperinge Wervik Waasland

Group 4

Basse Meuse Bastogne Damme Deinze en Leiestreek Leuven Roeselare-Izegem

Group 5

Brussel Famenne Ardenne Haspengouw Malmedy Mechelen Waregem

Group 6

Arlon Dinant Gent Knokke-Heist St Vith Tielt

Group 7

Aalst Centre Ardenne Houtland Kortrijk Liège Namur

Group 8

Antwerpen Gaume Hasselt Menen-Wevelgem Mons Oudenaarde

Group 9

Dendermonde Gembloux Heist-op-den-berg Oostende Middenkust Pays de herve Thoe


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