« Visibility Challenge » de JCI Belgium 2018

JCI Belgium 2018 « Visibility Challenge »


Visibility Challenge evolves

No more pictures by theme.
We go over to videos!

The goal is to make a video by your chapter (with your mobile phone). This video is intended to introduce JCI in your region. Projects, members, JCI spirit, …

Once the video is made, we invite you to post it on social media and send us the link to quentin.dal@lajeunechambre.be

The best video will be awarded a visibility award at NCN2018 in Arlon and a surprise gift.


hashtag visibility challenge #connectjcibelgium


– different themes will be offered each month
– an award will be given at NCN2018
– a Fees for NCN2018 will be offered during the first 2 GA of the year
– a special gift will be given to the big winner of the challenge

Here is the Hashtag to use






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