Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

SDG Challenge

The SDGs are important!

JCI Belgium will be putting a lot of spotlight on the Sustainable Development Goals in 2018. We want to hear about all the great local projects supporting the SDGs, and we want to inspire you to start projects that support the SDGs. The winner of the competition will receive a fee to join the Global Partnership Summit in New York, where you will hear about great project and activities and connect with JCI members from all over the world.

Don’t know what the SDGs are? In short, the SDGs are about ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all. You can read all about them on the United Nation’s website, which is available in several languages including English and French. We have also created a Facebook page, where you can read more about the individual goals and the underlying targets.

The competition is for all projects taking place from 1 May 2017 to 1 May 2018. The projects entering the competition will be judged based on the same principles as the “Best Local Global Goals Project”.

During the competition, JCI Belgium will be inspiring you to take action by sharing projects from other JCI organisation around the world.

Have a great project running already? Please tell us about it or post on our Facebook page!

Want to run a project but don’t know where to start? Contact SDG Ambassador Kathrine N. Stannov to hear more about the SDG workshop that can get you started in your local organisation.

Sustainable Development Goals

Terms and conditions for the competition

  • Purpose: The purpose of the competition is to promote the Sustainable Development Goals in Belgium and collect information about local projects
  • Judges: The judging panel will consist of members from JCI Belgium’s Board and minimum one international judge from UN & External Affairs Committee and/or the Vice President assigned to Belgium
  • The winner: The winner will be selected based on an application form. The application form is identical to the one used for the award category “Best Local Global Goals Project”
  • Timing: The competition runs from 9 December to 1 June 2017.
  • To be applicable for the competition, the project should be started after 1 May 2017, and finish no later than 1 June 2018. Projects which are still running on 1 June 2018 may enter the competition if they can show significant impact of their projects.
  • Language: You can submit your application in Dutch, English or French. If you send it in Dutch or French, please bear in mind that JCI Office needs 2 weeks for translation.
  • Submission: The application form shall be submitted to and SDG Ambassador and
  • Definitions:
    • Start of the project: The first event or occasion when externals were made aware of the project, e.g. invitations for workshops, key notes or similar.
    • Finishing the project: When the defined milestones are reached with a positive result, and there are no other deliverables (hand-over to the next team is exempt)
    • Externals: Non-JCI members or members from other local chapters not directly involved in the project planning or execution
  • Announcement: The winner will be informed directly and announced on relevant online media (, Facebook pages and groups, and in JCI Belgium’s newsletter)
  • Language: You can submit your application in Dutch, English or French. However, please bear in mind that if you send it in Dutch or French then JCI Office needs 2 weeks for translation, i.e. the deadline is 16 April for applications not submitted in English.



What are SDGs? On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. This is called “The 2030 Agenda”. In 2016, JCI decide to support the SDGs via a resolution signed at the Global Partnership Summit in New York. At NCN 2017 in Gent, JCI Belgium decide to ratify the resolution and support the work with SDGs in Belgium.

Why does JCI Belgium have a competition? JCI Belgium is supporting the international work on promoting the SDGs and collecting information about how the local organisations are working to support the 2030 agenda.

How are the projects evaluated? The projects shall be submitted via the same form as the award entries for “Best Local Global Goals Project”

Objective: To promote the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and create projects that work towards sustainable solutions to one or more of the UN 17 Global Goals


  • Objectives, planning, finance and execution 20%
  • Membership participation 20%
  • Impact on community 30%
  • Link with UN agencies or partnerships 10%
  • Sustainability of the program 20%

Who will decide on the winner? A panel consisting of members from JCI Belgium’s Board and minimum two international judges will be judging the project applications.

When will the winner be announced? The winner will be announced in the middle of May 2018 via the Facebook page, JCI Belgium newsletter and direct email to the winner.

What’s can I win? A fee for participating in the Global Partnership Summit in New York with a value of 400 EUR.

How do I get my price? You register for the summit, send the invoice to JCI Office and get reimbursed.

Does anything come on top of the fee when I go to New York? Yes, the fee only gives you access to the Global Partnership Summit. Travel, accommodation and potential visa expenses are not included in the price.

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