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IWhat have you gained from becoming a member of JCI in terms of personal development, professional opportunities, relationships, and other discoveries? How do you feel about that? Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to say ‘thank you’ and give extra support to the organisation that has given you so much?

Well, great news! You CAN by becoming a member of the JCI Belgium Foundation! Since 1992 JCI Belgium Foundation is supporting the development and finances of JCI Belgium based on the contributions of its members (one-time membership fee) and actual gains of interest.

Since 2017 JCI Belgium Foundation also supports projects from JCI Belgium which create additional benefits for members that can reach up to 4.000 EUR a year. 

JCI Belgium Foundation has a current membership base of around 200 individuals expressing their gratitude and giving their support to the future of JCI Belgium. The more members we have, the better we can help JCI Belgium in their development and growth, not only as an organisation but also to all individual members of JCI Belgium.

JCI Belgium Foundation

Are you ready to express your gratitude and help grow JCI? Then apply for a membership today!

You can choose between three levels *

  1. Basic Level – 400 EUR for JCI Members, 500 EUR for non Members

    Local organizations or Members over 40. Standard membership, you get a blue certificate and pin

  2. Level Theo Staar – 1.000 EUR


    Theo Staar was elected World President at the 4th world congress (the first in Europe) in april 1949 in Brussels. In 1950 he was elected Vice-President for Europe.

    You get a red JCI Belgium Foundation Pin to wear at events and a red certificate

  3. Level Reginald Schaumans – 2.500 EUR

    Reginald Schaumans was very active on all levels of the organisation. He has been President of JCI Brussels, JCI Vlaanderen & JCI Belgium, Special Assistant for Development & Growth in Europe, Vice-President and Member of the Strategic Planning Committee, Executive Vice-President and in 1990 during the 45th JCI World Congress in Puerto Rico he was elected World President.

    You get a green JCI Belgium Foundation Pin to wear at events and a green certificate

* You can always upgrade later to a next level

Membership does not give you any voting rights, it’s just a token of your appreciation.

Show your gratitude for this amazing organisation and apply for a membership now by sending an e-mail to jcibelgiumfoundation@jci.be.

This will ensure the support from JCI Belgium foundations for years to come!

Examples of projects we supported over the years:

Are you interested to know more about JCI Belgium Foundation? Contact jcibelgiumfoundation@jci.be.


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