Worldline and JCI Belgium launch a smooth payment partnership 

In a move aimed at streamlining event management and facilitating seamless financial transactions, Worldline, a global leader in payment and transactional services, has joined forces with JCI Belgium, offering local organizations the opportunity to leverage a free account system.

This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way JCI Belgium’s local chapters handle payments for events, membership fees, and partnerships.

What is the partnership about?

The partnership between Worldline and JCI Belgium is set to empower local JCI chapters with a convenient, worry-free payment solution. With access to a free account, these organizations gain the ability to efficiently manage various financial aspects, ranging from organizing events to handling recurring payments like membership fees or partnership dues.

This initiative arrives as a game-changer for JCI Belgium, allowing its local chapters to navigate the complexities of financial management effortlessly. By leveraging Worldline’s expertise in payment solutions, JCI Belgium members can look forward to a hassle-free experience, focusing their energies on fostering community engagement and impactful initiatives.

How does this advantage local JCI organisations?

One of the significant benefits offered by this collaboration is the ability to forecast and manage payments effectively. Organizers can plan events with confidence, assured of a reliable and user-friendly payment system at their disposal. Additionally, the seamless handling of annual payments such as membership fees or partnership dues eliminates administrative hurdles, enabling JCI Belgium chapters to dedicate more time and resources to driving their core missions forward.

The partnership’s core ethos revolves around empowering local organizations, amplifying their impact within their communities. By simplifying financial transactions, Worldline and JCI Belgium aim to foster a more efficient operational environment, encouraging greater participation and innovation among JCI chapters across Belgium.

As the partnership unfolds, the positive implications for JCI Belgium and its local chapters become increasingly apparent. The integration of a user-friendly payment system not only enhances operational efficiency but also signifies a commitment to adaptability and progress within the organization.

In essence, the collaboration between Worldline and JCI Belgium signifies a step towards a more streamlined, efficient, and user-centric approach to financial management within the JCI network. 

By providing local organizations with the tools to manage payments effortlessly, this partnership embodies the shared vision of empowering communities and driving positive change.

The partnership between Worldline and JCI Belgium promises a future where financial transactions are no longer a hindrance but rather a facilitator in the journey towards impactful community initiatives and events.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of strategic alliances in driving progress and innovation, ultimately benefiting the vibrant communities that JCI Belgium serves.

Next steps

Thanks to the guidance of Alexis Rockx (our point of contact at Worldine, but also proud member of JCI Liège), we will activate the account for JCI Belgium, to lead by example.Next, we will send all local presidents the necessary information at the beginning of 2024. During the general assembly of January 2024, more details will follow.

If you already have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact our National President 2024 Sammy Vandevelde ( or Director Projects/Partnerships 2024 Timothy Verellen (

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