JCI Senate Belgium

Belgian JCI senators

In 1977 JCI Senate Belgium, although active since 1966, was created as a different legal entity within the JCI Belgium family. JCI Belgium Senate has since been continuously supporting and subsidizing the efforts of JCI Belgium by funds made available by its senator members.

Find out more on the JCI Senate Belgium website.

Every year, JCI Vlaanderen and JCI Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles award some of their members with a title as JCI senator for their hard work and dedication. In order for JCI Vlaanderen and JCI Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles to be able to decide whether or not a member deserves the title of senator, you need to fill in a senator application file that explains in detail the contribution of this member to JCI. The senator application files you have to fill in contain all the information you need to create a successful file. Your local president will receive this information via e-mail. The senator application files can also be found in the downloads section of this website.

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