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JCI Belgium is a non-profit organisation with the goal to provide leadership development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.  We have a limited income thanks to events and membership fees. We re-invest into new projects and the daily operations.  As a personal development organisation, we thrive on the quality of everything that we do on a local, regional, national and international level. From trainings to project, a National Convention to a European Conference and even a World Congress: our members are the true leaders of tomorrow.  A strong partnership with companies is an added value for our members and the companies that choose for JCI Belgum. This is no ‘one-way street’, but a equally balanced and longterm agreement that will benefit all parties. Also, we have a strong connection with JCI Senate Belgium, JCI Sense and JCI Belgium Foundation with over 1000 members in our network.  JCI Belgium agrees on an active collaboration, which goes beyond a pure logistic or financial support. You, as a partner of JCI Belgium, becomes one of us. No ‘sitting on the sideline’ but strongly involved during training, National Convention and projects.  Are you the next partner who will step into the exciting world of JCI? Contact us via

Who are our partners?

JCI is proud to partner with other organizations who enhance and amplify the skills and abilities of JCI members on their leadership journey within our organization and beyond it. Some of the key partners, on a national and global level, are listed here.

National level

Travel Consulting: members and senator receive a discount on the fee to book flights, changing flights and when you book a travel package (min. 1000 euro). note: no discount on tickets, train, car rental or hotel). Only for JCI members and senators. Please contact Laurence of Travel Consulting to receive all the info on your next travel plan: or 056 24 17 60.
Travel Consulting

Worldline: This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way JCI Belgium’s local chapters handle payments for events, membership fees, and partnerships. Discover more about the partnership via this link, as it evolves at the beginning of 2024.

Global level

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