Do you have any doubt of the origine of a JCI member when you see someone in orange?

Are you jealous when you see our Swiss friends with their national red polos, shirts and jackets?

Do you wonder sometimes what you should wear to be easily identified as JCI Belgium member when you go to an international academy or event?

To be easily recognised as JCI Belgium member, it is important to have one sustainable, continuous visible identity.

Since a few years, National Boards and members discussed and worked on this National branding.

Based on all reflections, polls and remarks gathered since 2015, the 2018 National Board decided to finally take action on this topic.

Thanks to our close friendship to our JCI India friend Balu, we were able to negotiate high quality polos for a small price.

If you are interested in one of these new polos, do not hesitate to place your offer at info@jci.be now.

If you want to try first, no problem at all! We will have some extra polos with us and you can purchase on site.

Available at a price of 20 euros each


Do you remember your first international conference? This first evening at the opening ceremony and party? When all others seemed to know everyone and you stood beside not knowing how to approach all these strangers?

Do you remember yourself marvelling at all the pins the guy next to you had on his lanyard? Asking him or her about those pins was one of the easiest way to start a conversation. But then, you got bothered as you didn’t have anything to exchange…. Does this sound familiar to you?

To avoid this kind of embarrassment in the future for you and your new members, we made an adapted version of a former JCI Belgium pin what you can purchase for a very fair price, or maybe find back in your delegation pack.

If you like to wear business but also want to show with pride where you come from, this pin would be a more discreet and classic way to put forward the belgian colors.

You absolutely can’t wait anymore to have them on your suit? Please place your order at info@jci.be

Available at a price of 1 euro each

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