Say hello to Atradius, a partner of Matched! by JCI

A network event as Matched! by JCI (inspired by JCI Limburg), needs strong partnerships and so we put the spotlight on Atradius. Who is Atradius? 

Atradius Belgium is a company specialized in professionalizing the credit management of businesses by offering an appropriate solution from their range of credit insurance, guarantees, and international collection services.

Atradius provides protection against the risk of non-payment by customers and enables companies to expand their trading activities in a safe and reliable manner, both domestically and internationally. Atradius serves businesses of all sizes and sectors, helping them manage their credit risks and improve their cash flow. Discover them via, or on their socials. 


Why did they become a partner of Matched! ? 

We asked the same question to Patrick Van der Avert, Manager Corporate Communications & Marketing at Atradius:

“We strongly believe in connecting our brand with business initiatives and events, preferably where we can reach entrepreneurs in another/pleasant setting.

JCI develops young leaders and dares to focus on sharpening those leadership skills. In sponsoring an event as Matched! by JCI (with that unique character of 1 to 1 networking), we hope to spark some nice encounters between entrepreneurs.

In our Credit Managementworld, which is often seen as a challenging field by companies, we do have some experience with predictive models … we are curious to see how Thalento’s model puts people together.”



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