Say hello to Atradius, a partner of Matched! by JCI

A network event as Matched! by JCI (inspired by JCI Limburg), needs strong partnerships and so we put the spotlight on Atradius. Who is Atradius? 

Atradius Belgium is a company specialized in professionalizing the credit management of businesses by offering an appropriate solution from their range of credit insurance, guarantees, and international collection services.

Atradius provides protection against the risk of non-payment by customers and enables companies to expand their trading activities in a safe and reliable manner, both domestically and internationally. Atradius serves businesses of all sizes and sectors, helping them manage their credit risks and improve their cash flow. Discover them via, or on their socials. 


Why did they become a partner of Matched! ? 

We asked the same question to Patrick Van der Avert, Manager Corporate Communications & Marketing at Atradius:

“We strongly believe in connecting our brand with business initiatives and events, preferably where we can reach entrepreneurs in another/pleasant setting.

JCI develops young leaders and dares to focus on sharpening those leadership skills. In sponsoring an event as Matched! by JCI (with that unique character of 1 to 1 networking), we hope to spark some nice encounters between entrepreneurs.

In our Credit Managementworld, which is often seen as a challenging field by companies, we do have some experience with predictive models … we are curious to see how Thalento’s model puts people together.”

Say hello to Johan Desmet Verzekeringen, a partner of Matched! by JCI

On April 27, 2023, Matched! by JCI (inspired by JCI Limburg) will take place in the center of Brussels. Thanks to the support of various partners, Matched! by JCI Belgium can take place in the heart of Brussels. Johan Desmet Verzekeringen is one of those partners.

Meet Delphine Desmet, manager of Insurance office Johan Desmet and a long-time fan of JCI. Delphine explains why she supports this project:

“As an insurance broker, I experience the most diverse situations. It’s great to be able to offer support to customers and like-minded people based on my experience and knowledge. I also know from experience that it can be enriching to receive that support. And that happens to be the goal of Matched! by JCI Belgium: to let entrepreneurs make valuable connections for the perfect business match!”

Learn more about Johan Desmet Verzekeringen via

Ready to network and not yet registered? Do it today (deadline April 13, 2023) via our website

Ps: Don’t wait too long to register, so our HR partner Thalento can still provide you with the best business match.

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Say hello to Thalento®, a partner of Matched! by JCI

On the 27th of April 2023, Matched! by JCI (inspired by JCI Limburg) will take place in the center of Brussels. This kind of event needs strong partnerships and so we proudly announce Thalento® as one of them.

Who Is Thalento®? 

Thalento® is an HR-tech company that provides digital talent assessments. Their solutions are designed to help organisations optimise their talent management processes. Thalento® offers a wide range of products and services that include assessments for recruitment, talent development, performance management and team building.

Discover them via, or on their socials. 

Why did they become a partner of Matched! ? 

We asked the same question to Brett Plu & Hilal Ozkan, HR-psychologists at Thalento®:

“There is a strong link between personality traits and entrepreneurial success. By using our Personality & Motivation Assessments, Thalento® identifies individuals who possess matching traits and are therefore more likely to succeed together as entrepreneurs. Thus, creating the perfect teams for generating creative business ideas.

Matched! by JCI Belgium relies on the magic of Thalento® Assessments to seek out which entrepreneurs make the perfect duo’s that will sit together during the business lunch.

The partnership between Thalento® and Matched! by JCI Belgium is an exciting development that brings together two innovative and forward-thinking organisations to offer cutting-edge talent solutions to improve business ideas and to promote being an entrepreneur.

We have been around for previous editions (Matched! by JCI Limburg) and are thrilled to be a part of the upcoming edition.”

So, are you ready to join Matched! by JCI Belgium? 

On the 27th of April 2023, at noon (12 to 2 PM), entrepreneurs (thanks to our HR partner Thalento® ( will have network lunch and discover why they are matched to each other. 
But first, you need to register on our website ( so we can send you the online assessment (be careful: you need to fill this in within 5 days after receiving). 

After Thalento® works their magic and when you are matched, you will receive further details: 

  • Name of the restaurant (center of Brussels) 
  • Invitation for payment 
  • Time to read your report 

Even if we can’t find a match, you will get the report send to you – free of charge. 

Registrations will be closed on Thursday 13 April 2023 – 11:59 PM. Are you ready to join? We are o-so-ready to welcome you in Brussels. 

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Looking for two active young citizens in Flanders and BWB!

During the second half of April 2023, we are going to launch Matched! by JCI (inspired by JCI Limburg ) on a national level – in the centre of Bruxelles.The ingredients of the Limburg edition are the foundation for a new national version:

  • It’s a business blind date in a great restaurant. Entrepreneur duo’s are being matched based on psychological and economical complementarity.
  • We are going to work with network partners of JCI like BNI, UNIZO, Voka…
  • Also, we will find partners that want to connect their company with the unique concept.
  • And last but not least: we aim at 300 entrepreneurs (150 duo’s) and let them do business, thanks to JCI.
  • As a part of the incoming board 2023, I’m here to tell you all: I can’t do this by myself. 
  • So we are looking for two active young citizens: 1 from JCI Vlaanderen and 1 from JCI Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles – BWB.

For JCI Vlaanderen, we have already 1 motivated JCI Member (thanks Delphine, JCI Waregem!), for JCI BWB we are looking for ‘the one’.

Do you meet the following criteria?

  • You are not a part of any regional of national board, so you can have a full focus on this project
  • The idea of Matched! by JCI makes you want to take on this challenge.
  • You have the time to invest and support this project on a level of partnerships, promotion/marketing, communications, hands-on tasks during the event and more?
  • Your vocabulary doesn’t contain words like ‘No, I’am tired, wanna watch tv now,…?

Are you the one we are searching for, to work together and make history? Send your motivation by e-mail ( of slides into my DM’s and let’s talk.

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