Say hello to Loop’d, a partner of Matched! by JCI

On the 27th of April 2023, Matched! by JCI (inspired by JCI Limburg ) will take place in the center of Brussels. This kind of event needs strong partnerships and so we proudly announce Loop’d as the first one. 

Who Is Loop’d? 

Loop’d is active as a (digital) Out-of-Home media owner, who sells advertising campaigns on mirrors, tv screens and frames in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonie. 

Discover them via, or on their socials. 

Why did they become a partner of Matched! ? 

We asked the same question to Kenneth De Decker, CEO of Loop’d: 

“Since the start of my career in 2006, I’ve been networking several times a week. You meet a lot of people in a short period of time, but afterwards you need to see who is an added value for your network and business. 
Networking is always investing (time, giving an introduction,…) but also import to grow as a company. 
Matched! by JCI Belgium will use an online assessment for matching the participants and you will have a one on one conversation during a lunch. This is something we have never experienced before, so we were very keen on becoming a partner as we read about this USP. 
Also, after two challenging years during covid, this type of exposure helps our company to grow and to launch the brand name further into new parts of the country. 
And seeing that JCI empowers young entrepreneurs, is something that is part of our DNA as a person and company.” 

So, are you ready to join Matched! by JCI Belgium? 

On the 27th of April 2023, at noon (12 to 2 PM), entrepreneurs (thanks to our HR partner Thalento will have network lunch and discover why they are matched to each other. 
But first, you need to register on our website ( so we can send you the online assessment (be careful: you need to fill this in within 5 days after receiving). 

After Thalento works their magic and when you are matched, you will receive further details: 

  • Name of the restaurant (center of Brussels) 
  • Invitation for payment 
  •  Time to read your report 

Even if we can’t find a match, you will get the report send to you – free of charge. 

Registrations will be closed on Thursday 13 April 2023 – 11:59 PM. Are you ready to join? We are o-so-ready to welcome you in Brussels. 

How to submit an international award

Area Conference

· Opening of Applications and Volunteering of Judges : EC Monday February 20, 2023

· Deadline of Applications and Volunteering of Judges : EC Friday April 21, 2023, 23:59 GMT

· Deadline of Judging : EC Tuesday May 16, 2023, 23:59 GMT

World Congress

· Opening of Applications and Volunteering of Judges : Friday, September 11, 2023

· Deadline of Applications and Volunteering of Judges : EC Friday October 6, 2023, 23:59 GMT

· Deadline of Judging : Wednesday November 1, 2023, 23:59 GMT


!!! Missing judging deadline = disqualification of any award of the National Organization

!!! National President will need to approve all submissions (take this into account)


Link to toolkit

Link to infographics

Link to weighted scoring


1. Go to JVC:

2. Select “Program”

3. Select “Awards”

4. Scroll until the end of the page and click on “2023 JCI Awards”

5. Click on event

6. Choose EC Bucharest

7. Begin your application by choosing the category

JCI helps with the floods in Belgium.

Over the past few days, many people in Belgium and our neighbouring countries have found themselves in need due to the heavy rains. Our JCI members, all volunteers, immediately rolled up their sleeves. Together with the municipalities and other organizations, they have provided sleeping places, food and drink, and other emergency resources. Meanwhile, they gradually started cleaning up their own homes, businesses and neighbourhoods. Often in difficult circumstances.

We at JCI Belgium are very proud of our local branches and very grateful for all the help they receive. Our JCI members can count on an incredible network. We have received messages of support from all over Belgium and even worldwide. Often followed by the question how they can help. We would like to thank you all very much. Your messages are lights throughout these special days.

The reconstruction will take time and resources. And your support is very welcome. As JCI Belgium members, we find it important to work closely together with others to create the biggest impact possible. Therefore, we coordinate regularly with the local authorities and between the JCI chapters in the entire affected area, including neighbouring countries, and decide together how to best use your support.

Together we will set up actions in the coming weeks around 3 themes that are very important to us, namely:

  1. Rebuilding the local area and especially the economy in a sustainable way.
  2. Training that helps our companies and young people to become future-proof.
  3. The mental well-being of local residents.

How can you help concretely? This can be done in various ways

  1. By supporting financially through or directly on the account of JCI Belgium BE95210094119758
  2. By doing what you do best: setting up actions together, offering helping hands, finding partners & doing projects to help them.

What are we thinking about specifically?

  1. The reconstruction

Before we can really rebuild, we need to clean up. This is not yet possible everywhere in a safe way. So be sure to coordinate with the local municipalities on where you can best deploy yourself today. Once we can guarantee the safety of larger groups, we will look into starting up specific JCI group clean-ups.

In the meantime, we do need basic resources such as snowploughs, cleaning supplies and hygienic supplies as well as food and water. If you can provide this in large quantities, please feel free to contact us.

Once we can start rebuilding we will focus on the companies. The goal is to help them reinvent themselves in an innovative, sustainable way. That is why we are thinking of longer-term projects.

In addition, we also want to specifically support our schools in their reconstruction. Young people are the leaders of tomorrow in this changing world and the schools play an important role in this.

  1. Training

To prepare young people and companies for a changing world by offering them relevant training from all over the world. Our JCI network has experts in sustainability, de-construction, digitalization, financial management and many other skills that are needed now more than ever.

On the one hand, we want to organize these trainings for a wide audience and live translate them into their own native language where necessary and on the other hand, we want to open our network fully to young people from the affected areas. Therefore, we are going to offer some of them a free JCI membership.

  1. Mental well-being

From JCI we are going to set up a number of actions for local residents and their children with the aim of relaxing and escaping the daily reality. We want to make sure that the actions do not create extra work for our volunteers on the spot and therefore we will involve other local JCI chapters to coordinate this. 

If you have a good idea on one or more of our themes or if you want to help execute this, please let us know via or

With warm JCI regards,

On behalf of JCI Belgium,

Nele Buysmans, National President 2021

Post-COVID initiatives by entreprising young leaders from JCI

Post-COVID initiatives by entreprising young leaders from JCI

Junior Chamber International focuses its efforts on projects that support the economy and well-being.

It is all too well known that the current health crisis will have an impact on many people. Belgium, like the rest of the world, will have to redouble its efforts to regenerate and rebuild itself, as well as its economy, businesses and human resources.

RISE is Junior Chamber International’s (JCI) response to the COVID-19 pandemic from an economic perspective. It is an initiative led by the members of the 47 local chapters scattered throughout Belgium, who encourage them to develop projects related to the three pillars of RISE :
1. Supporting and rebuilding economies by supporting local small businesses
For example: Chacun chez soi (JCI Mouscron), Ça existe (JCI Malmedy-Hautes Fagnes), JCI Xmas Box (JCI Dendermonde), Lockaal (JCI Hasselt)
2. Motivating the workforce through youth entrepreneurship
For example: Convincing from the start (JCI Aalst), Women in Leadership positions (JCI Namur), JCI Change your Game (JCI Brussels, Gent-Artevelde and JCI Damme)
3. Safeguarding the mental health and well-being of citizens
For example: Prioritize Yourself (JCI Ghent); Happy@work (JCI Arlon); Pour rebondir, dopez votre optimisme (JCI Pays de Herve), Positief Opvoeden (JCI Knokke-Heist)

Whether at the local, regional, national or international level, JCI offers its members development opportunities in four areas of opportunity (training, community, business and internationalism) that will enable them to create positive change in their communities.
So if you are between 18 and 40 years old and want to learn, grow, impact the world, meet inspiring people and help your community grow after COVID-19, you can join JCI. With partners like the United Nations, JCI gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, increase your skills and become a leader of tomorrow while working together on impactful projects.
In short, JCI is a good mix of a youth movement, a service club and a training school.

The year 2020 has brought us its share of reflections, trials, and the search for meaning in our lives. “What do I want to do with my life? Am I happy? Will I have the courage to change job? How can I improve this world in which I live, for myself and for others”. All these questions, each of us has probably asked ourselves at least once this year. What if JCI could help you answer them?
What better way to start this new year 2021! Interested?

Every year, a new team of volunteers helps all Belgian JCI members achieve their goals. In 2021, the Limburgese Nele Buysmans and her team, composed of Flemish, Walloon and Brussels members, will focus on helping society recover from COVID-19.

Remote meetings and collaboration

Remote meetings and collaboration

In these times of COVID-19 and the measures imposed on us by government, we want team up with the other JCI families to keep you informed. Many people have questions about JCI events on all levels: are they being postponed, cancelled, what can we do to keep working on projects, etc. Jeroen Huylebroeck, member of JCI Aalst, wrote this article to inform you about the possibilities Microsoft offers to work remotely and collaborate online.

There are quite a few tools to share online, like Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTrransfer or OneDrive. There are also many ways for people to chat or do (video) conferences online: you probably know Skype, WhatsApp, Slack and so on. Often they offer Freemium models: a number of features is available free of charge, but if you want more, you need to start paying.


While many of these services work correctly, there are 2 common pitfalls.

Fragmentation: These specialized services are not part of 1 platform. As a result, users have to register individually, a separate login is required for each platform and information is often distributed through various channels. This can lead to people getting lost, data getting lost, duplicates and complex version management, multiple and longer learning curves, and … potential data breaches.

Lack of “control”: Many of these services operate primarily through a “peer-to-peer” approach. This means that it is mainly individual people who create and share data, again with one or more other individuals. And that over as many channels as fragmentation has happened. This also has potential consequences for your local department. After all, it is responsible and liable (just think of the GDPR) for the correct management and handling of data and (in the slightest case) handling any data breaches.

And what now?

Now we are in the corona crisis. Suddenly we can no longer come together to meet and discuss. Suddenly, the need for technological aids is extra urgent. Suddenly that fragmentation and use of control become extra painful. While no single solution is foolproof and comprehensive, Microsoft has made great efforts in recent years on its “Microsoft 365” platform. This is a service where you can safely do email, file sharing, chat, audio and video conferencing, co-authoring, etc. But it also costs money …

Concretely: to be in order with your licenses, you also have to pay something as a non-profit unless you only use the “Freemium” version of 1 of the products: Microsoft Teams.

What does it cost

Actually… very little.

Microsoft applies the following rule for their entry-level formula (Office 365 E1) regarding free donation licenses: “Nonprofit offers are only for paid employees of nonprofits and unpaid FTW employees (full-time equivalent) with material day-to-day management, operational and fiduciary responsibilities, which do not use the license to generate personal income. Volunteers, nonprofit members, and beneficiaries are NOT eligible for nonprofit licenses and subscriptions. ” (source: In short: This does not apply in a JCI context.

However, there is also an offer for volunteers / members, called “Office 365 E1 for nonprofit volunteers”: This is not free, but it is cheap. After all, this costs EUR 2.05 (incl. VAT) per member, per month, or EUR 24.54 (incl. VAT) per member, per year.

However, during this crisis period, Microsoft also made this suite free of charge for a limited time! You can now use this service for free for 6 months. (source:

In short: you have no reason not to introduce this now. Once you have activated this suite, you will receive for each of your members:

  • A professional mailbox with calendar and contact management with 50 GB that you can link to your own domain name (“” eg). This is also the username with corresponding password for all other services.
  • Strong access security through simple activation of multi-factor authentication
    1 TB of personal cloud file storage via OneDrive for Business
  • Access to the full web and smartphone versions of the various Office applications
    • Become
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Outlook
  • Unlocking the premium capabilities of various Windows 10, Android, iOS and web apps such as
    • Microsoft To-Do (integrated with Microsoft Planner, Sticky Notes, OneNote & Outlook)
    • Microsoft Forms
    • Microsoft Sway
    • Microsoft Kaizala
    • (Controlled) access to all services of the local department, as configured in the management portal

In addition to that as a local organization you get:

  • Unlimited number of 10 GB shared mailboxes to which you can give members access (or deny them), such as,,, …
  • Centrally managed cloud storage and web portal with access rights management on Microsoft SharePoint. (1 TB + 10 GB per user license)
  • A central digital bulletin board for announcements, thanks to Yammer.
  • A simple system for division of tasks and follow-up thanks to Planner
  • A full-fledged platform to collaborate and meet with people inside and outside your local JCI department thanks to Microsoft Teams


How do you register for this offer?

  1. (Optional): Consult with a Microsoft Partner accredited for nonprofit licensing.
  2. Visit the portal:
  3. Click the blue “register” button at the bottom

  1. Click until you can enter data:

  1. Further steps are self-explanatory.

Accreditation after this process can take a few days, but usually goes quite smoothly once you have completed these steps. Techsoup / Socialware does the necessary administration behind the scenes for this. This accreditation also gives you some additional benefits (which do not cost money), but we will not elaborate on that.

Are you still reluctant to opt for this offer? Then there is also the “Freemium” version of Microsoft Teams, even if you lack all the other, at least as valuable possibilities that Office 365 E1 brings.

OK, now you are fully engaged, but you still have to get started. We’ve got you covered:

  • This video can already get you on the right track, and only takes 20 minutes of your time.
  • Techsoup offers a 90 minute course.
  • Microsoft offers a lot of support and additional training via their dedicated page.

Do you have any questions? This explanation was written for you by Jeroen Huylebroeck, member of JCI Aalst and partner at Flexamit. Flexamit is also a Microsoft Partner certified to support non-profit organizations. Feel free to contact him at or call him at +32 478 67 43 24.

[:en]Invitation JCI Staines Memorial – London[:nl]Uitnodiging JCI Staines Memorial – London[:fr] Invitation Mémorial JCI Staines – Londres[:]

[:en]45 years ago, on June 18 1972, a plane crashed near London, known as the Staines air disaster. A tragic accident, where also 9 JCI friends died, coming back from the European Conference in Edinburgh.
This year the JCI Staines Foundation likes to be present with a large delegation, to honour our bond with the victims and their families. We welcome all members of JCI Belgium, JCI Senate Belgium, JCI SenSe, JCI London and JCI Edinburgh, together with the entire international JCI community.


Saturday 17th of June 2017

  • 1.00pm Gathering in Hotel Mercure London Staines-upon-Thames Lobby
  • 2.00pm Visit Expo ‘Fighting for Peace’
  • 3.30pm Guided sightseeing walk in the South Bank Area
  • 6.00pm Welcome drink with JCI London in a local pub
  • 7.00pm Dinner together with JCI London
  • 9.30pm Transfer to Waterloo station
  • 10.20pm Train London Waterloo to Staines (South West trains)

Sunday 18th of June 2017

  • 8.00am Breakfast
  • 9.00am Walk in Staines
  • 10.00am Prayers and dedications in the Trident ‘Papa India’ Memorial Garden in the Moormead Sports Ground off of Waters Drive, Staines
  • 11.00am Memorial Service at St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Staines
  • 12.30pm Lunch in “The Bells” traditional pub
  • 02.00pm Visit Windsor Castle (optional)
  • 06.00pm Trip back home

Practical information


We will ask you to make your own hotel and transport reservation.

Suggestions :


Sat June 17 – BA391 – 9h45
10u05 in London Heathrow

Sun June 18 – BA404 – 19u40
21u50 in Brussels


Brussels to London
Saturday 08:52 09:57 02h 05m 39,00 €
Sunday 19:04 22:08 02h 04m 49,00 €

Lille to London
Saturday 09:30 09:57 01h 27m 39,00 €
Sunday 19:04 21:30 01h 26m 49,00 €

approximately 85€ to 95€ per car (5 persons)
approximately 85€ per car (5 persons)


We propose the Mercure London Staines-upon-Thames Hotel.
Approximately 95€/double room
Hotel reservations should be done by the participants themselves.


The Staines Foundation proposes a participation fee for all Belgian members of € 100. This means that the Staines Foundation will partly cover all additional costs.
The fee includes: reception, visit of the expo, dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, train to Saturday activity, transfer in Staines area on Sunday (to prayers, memorial service, lunch, afternoon visit).
Not included : trip (plane/train), hotel + breakfast, dinner on Sunday, transfer from and to plane/train, drinks, Sunday afternoon visit.


Please send an e-mail to to announce your participation. Your reservation will be confirmed after the Staines Foundation received your payment of the fee.

Bank information:
IBAN BE10 2200 0257 7004
Please indicate ‘Staines Memorial 2017’ and your name.

Interesting information

In case of rain, bring your umbrella. Travel light.

Check also the website about JCI Staines.


Dominiek Callewier
President Staines Foundation

On behalf of the Organization Committee :
Jos Van Roosbroeck
Peter Anckaert
Anna Carin Kneip-Krokstäde
Reginald Schaumans
Sarah Lammers
Jef Hendrickx
Olivier De Block
Audrey Taverna[:nl]45 jaar geleden, op 18 juni 1972, storrte een vliegtuig neer vlakbij Londen. We kennen dit voorval als de Staines vliegtuigramp. Het was een tragisch ongeval waarbij 9 JCI vrienden het leven lieten. Zij waren op de terugreis van de Europese Conferentie in Edinburgh.

Dit jaar wil de JCI Staines Foundation aanwezig zijn met een grote delegatie, om de band met de slachtoffers en hun families te eren. We nodigen alle leden van JCI Belgium, JCI Senate Belgium, JCI SenSe, JCI London en JCI Edinburgh uit, samen met de wereldwijde JCI gemeenschap.


Zaterdag 17 juni 2017

  • 1.00pm Gathering in Hotel Mercure London Staines-upon-Thames Lobby
  • 2.00pm Visit Expo ‘Fighting for Peace’
  • 3.30pm Guided sightseeing walk in the South Bank Area
  • 6.00pm Welcome drink with JCI London in a local pub
  • 7.00pm Dinner together with JCI London
  • 9.30pm Transfer to Waterloo station
  • 10.20pm Train London Waterloo to Staines (South West trains)

Sunday 18th of June 2017

  • 8.00am Ontbijt
  • 9.00am Wandeling in Staines
  • 10.00am Prayers and dedications in the Trident ‘Papa India’ Memorial Garden in the Moormead Sports Ground off of Waters Drive, Staines
  • 11.00am Memorial Service at St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Staines
  • 12.30pm Lunch in “The Bells” traditional pub
  • 02.00pm Visit Windsor Castle (optional)
  • 06.00pm Trip back home

Practische informatie


We vragen alle deelnemers om zelf in te staan voor hotel en transport reservaties.

Suggesties :


Zaterdag 17 juni – BA391 – 9u45
10u05 in London Heathrow

Zondag 18 juni – BA404 – 19u40
21u50 in Brussel


Brussels naar London
Zaterdag 08:52 09:57 02h 05m 39,00 €
Zondag 19:04 22:08 02h 04m 49,00 €

Lille naar London
Zaterdag 09:30 09:57 01h 27m 39,00 €
Zondag 19:04 21:30 01h 26m 49,00 €

Ongeveer  85€ tot 95€ per auto (5 personen)
Ongeveer 85€ per auto (5 personen)


We stellen het Mercure London Staines-upon-Thames Hotel voor.
Ongeveer 95€/double room
Hotel reservaties dienen door de deelnemers zelf geboekt te worden.


De JCI Staines Foundation stelt een tussenkomst voor in de deelnamekosten van Belgische deelnemers van € 100. Dat betekent dat de JCI Staines Foundation een deel van de bijkomende kosten zal coveren.
De fee omvat: receptie, bezoek aan de expo, dinner op zaterdag, lunch op zondag, trein naar de activiteit op zaterdag, transfer in Staines op zondag (naar het bezinningsmoment, herdenking, lunch, namiddagbezoek).
Niet inbegrepen: reis (vliegtuig/trein), hotel + ontbijt, dinner op zondag, transfer van en naar vliegveld/station, drankjes, bezoek op zondagnamiddag.


Stuur een e-mail naar om je deelname te bevestigen. Je reservatie zal bevestigd worden nadat de JCI Staines Foundation de betaling van de fee ontvangen heeft.

Bank informatie:
IBAN BE10 2200 0257 7004
Gelieve als mededeling ‘Staines Memorial 2017’ en je naam mee te geven.

Interessante informatie

Breng een paraplu mee voor het geval het regent. Reis licht.

Bekijk ook de JCI Staines website.

Dominiek Callewier
President Staines Foundation

On behalf of the Organization Committee :
Jos Van Roosbroeck
Peter Anckaert
Anna Carin Kneip-Krokstäde
Reginald Schaumans
Sarah Lammers
Jef Hendrickx
Olivier De Block
Audrey Taverna[:fr]Il y a 45 ans, le 18 Juin 1972, un avion s’est écrasé près de Londres, connu sous le nom de catastrophe aérienne de Staines. Un accident tragique, lors duquel 9 amis JCI sont morts, revenant de la Conférence Européenne à Édimbourg.
Cette année, la JCI Staines Foundation aimerait être présente avec une grande délégation, pour honorer notre lien avec les victimes et leurs familles. Nous accueillons tous les membres de JCI Belgium, JCI Senate Belgium, JCI SenSe, JCI London et JCI Edinburgh, ainsi que toute la communauté internationale JCI.


Samedi 17 Juin 2017

  • 1.00pm Rassemblement à l’Hotel Mercure London Staines-upon-Thames Lobby
  • 2.00pm Visite de l’Expo ‘Fighting for Peace’
  • 3.30pm Randonnée pédestre guidée dans la South Bank Area
  • 6.00pm Boisson de bienvenue avec JCI London dans un pub local
  • 7.00pm Dîner avec JCI London
  • 9.30pm Transfert à la station de Waterloo
  • 10.20pm Train London Waterloo vers Staines (South West trains)

Dimanche 18 Juin 2017

  • 8.00am Petit déjeuner
  • 9.00am Marche dans Staines
  • 10.00am Prières et dédicaces dans le Trident ‘Papa India’ Garden dans le Moormead Sports Ground au large de Waters Drive, Staines
  • 11.00am Commémoration à la St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Staines
  • 12.30pm Déjeuner dans le pub traditionnel “The Bells”
  • 02.00pm Visite du Château Windsor (optionnelle)
  • 06.00pm Retour

Informations pratiques


Nous vous demanderons de faire votre propre réservation d’hôtel et de transport.



Samedi 17 juin – BA391 – 9h45
10h05 à London Heathrow

Dimanche 18 Juin 18 – BA404 – 19h40
21h50 à Bruxelles


Bruxelles – Londres
Samedi 08:52 09:57 02h 05m 39,00 €
Dimanche 19:04 22:08 02h 04m 49,00 €

Lille – Londres
Samedi 09:30 09:57 01h 27m 39,00 €
Dimanche 19:04 21:30 01h 26m 49,00 €

approximativement 85€ à 95€ par véhicule (5 personnes)
approximativement 85€ par véhicule (5 personnes)


Nous proposons l’Hôtel Mercure London Staines-upon-Thames.
Approximativement 95€/chambre double
Les réservations d’hôtel doivent être faites par les participants eux-mêmes.


La Fondation Staines propose des frais de participation de 100 € pour tous les membres belges. Cela signifie que la Fondation Staines couvrira en partie tous les coûts supplémentaires.
Les frais incluent: réception, visite de l’expo, le dîner du samedi, le lunch du dimanche, le train pour l’activité du samedi, le transfert à Staines le dimanche (aux prières, à la commémoration, au lunch, à la visite de l’après-midi).
Ne sont pas inclus: le voyage (avion/train), l’hôtel + petit déjeuner, le dîner le dimanche, les transferts de et vers l’avion/train, les boissons, la visite du dimanche après-midi. Inscription

Veuillez envoyer un e-mail à pour annoncer votre participation. Votre réservation sera confirmée après que la Fondation Staines aura reçu votre paiement des frais de participation.

Informations bancaires:

IBAN BE10 2200 0257 7004
Veuillez indiquer ‘Staines Memorial 2017’ et votre nom.

Informations intéressantes

En cas de pluie, apportez votre parapluie. Voyagez léger.

Consultez également le site Web à propos de JCI Staines.


Dominiek Callewier
Président Staines Foundation

Au nom du Comité d’Organisation :
Jos Van Roosbroeck
Peter Anckaert
Anna Carin Kneip-Krokstäde
Reginald Schaumans
Sarah Lammers
Jef Hendrickx
Olivier De Block
Audrey Taverna[:]

© Copyright 2020 - JCI Belgium

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