Matched! by JCI Belgium: register now!

Matched! by JCI Belgium: 27th of April 2023- at noon

Location: Brussels
Target Audience: entrepreneurs or people with that same mindset, JCI members and non JCI members

What’s the deal?

1. You can register via and thanks to our partner Thalento, we will match you based on a online assessment with your perfect business match.

2. When matched, you will get the details of the restaurant and meet your match on the spot. On the table, there will be a conversation starter ready for you both: so why are you matched? And the networking can begin 


3. We ask for a small fee (there is a difference between a JCI member ’till 40 and an external participant 
 ), but you only need to pay when matched (you will get an invitation for payment via JCI Belgium).

4. IF…you are not matched, you will still get the personal report thanks to our partner Thalento, free of charge.

So…are you ready to be active within the JCI RISE initiative and make the economy better again? Register today:

ps: we are in talks with potential partners, the first ones will be anounced in the upcoming days/weeks. If you are interested in joining as a partner, don’t hesitate to contact Delphine Desmet, myself or Laurence Schuurman.

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